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His name was already the promise of a beautiful destiny because it means both sunlight and cultivated man. Born in Shenyang in 1982, this child prodigy won his first prize at the age of five and rapidly began a very successful career. At 9, he entered the Pekin Music Conservatory and carried on his studies in the United States from 1997 to 2002.
Since then, he has been going around the world playing in the most prestigious concert halls.

Lang Lang has recorded a dozen CDs dedicated to Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Mozart and of course Chopin who has a special place in his heart. As a real virtuoso he does more than simply interpret the works of the greateast composers, he gives them all his soul and passion, and reveals the many facets of the prism of sensitivity.






Helping us to accomplish our mission of inspiring the next generation of classical music lovers and performers!
A part of the perfume you are buying will create educational music experiences for children all over the world and inspire children to pursue music as a mean of self-expression.

"Music makes life better. It heals, unites and inspires. And it makes us better people... "

Lang Lang has been donating his time towards furthering music education for over 10 years. Since the founding of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation in 2008, he has taken his commitment to music education to another level by developing sustainable, impactful, and unique charitable activities, as well as establishing partnerships with dedicated organizations.
The Foundation's work focuses on music education for today's youth, and cross-cultural exchange between young people.



Lang Lang's music education transformed his life from the young boy in the outskirts of industrial China to the revolutionary classical pianist he is today. He firmly believes in the importance of music education to a child's development, and is a dedicated music education advocate around the world. He often is heard speaking about the importance of keeping music in schools and is a great supporter of other programs that have similar missions of delivering and advocating music education.
Because music and the arts are being cut from many public school programs, Lang Lang International Music Foundation is working hard to provide live listening and learning experiences to children of all ages.


Lang Lang has been 'giving back' to children around the world for over 10 years by delivering master classes for aspiring young pianists, donating his musical talents to benefit concerts for other worthy causes, playing music for sick children to aid in the healing process, and giving informal classical music recitals in remote villages in underserved rural communities.

As part of our mission to inspire and educate the next generation of classical music lovers and performers, we design and implement a variety of programs focused on children.


Lang Lang's Keys of Inspiration: an education program in Public Schools

Over 70% of the students in the Boston Public Schools come from low-income families. Extra-curricular music lessons are difficult for these families to afford, and there are very few instrumental music programs in Boston's public schools.

Young Scholars Program: mentoring top young pianists and engaging them in performances to inspire their young peers

101 Pianists: social piano events in communities

The 101 Pianists performances aim to inspire the next generation of music lovers and performers by engaging 100 young pianists in a unique social musical event with Lang Lang. Guided by Lang Lang's encouraging teaching style, these young piano enthusiasts celebrate their love of playing, experiment with collaboration with other musicians, and enjoy the inherently social nature of the traditionally solo piano during a master class and public performance. The participants create a joyous sound magnified one hundred times over and provide an extraordinary show for their local youth community who comprise the majority of the audience.

Junior Music Camp

Lang Lang International Music Foundation is proud to present the Junior Music Camp, sponsored by Allianz.
Junior Music Camp is an unforgettable five day to one week experience in various international cities.

Piano Masterclasses: lessons for local students

Lang Lang has been giving masterclasses for years at some of the world's most prestigious music schools. His exuberance and positive energy as a teacher makes his masterclasses informative for both audiences and participants. Our events usually include three students from the local area and last about 2 hours.

Unique music events

In addition to the above programs, the Foundation explores opportunities to host concerts for disaster relief, piano competitions, concerts involving a larger student music group such as an orchestra, or other performance artists. Additionally, the Foundation seeks opportunities to continue to test cutting edge technologies that bring classical music to more children.


If you would like to know more about the programs visit




On the 8th February 2015, Lang Lang performed "Happy" with Pharrell Williams together with Hans Zimmer at the 57th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles!

This performance turned out to be an incredible surprise! The eye catcher was the huge group of black-leather clad dancers. Other musicians, including the legendary Hans Zimmer, were dressed in white religious gowns filled out the aisles shaking tambourines. Lang Lang added his own personality to the song, creating a breathe-taking piano solo.


Without any doubt, this was a surprinsingly outstanding and unique performance which you could not have missed!